Book Sale Volunteers.
   To volunteer to work in the Friends of the Dunwoody Library setup and book sale,
click here</span>.

Landscaping Volunteers.  To volunteer to work with the Friends of the Dunwoody Library landscaping committee, email:  landscaping@friendsofdunwoodylibrary

Library Volunteers.
To volunteer in the library, see or call, Elizabeth (770-512-4640), the Dunwoody library volunteer coordinator.

Special Skills Volunteer.
  From time to time, Friends of the Dunwoody Library needs advisors with special skills such as legal, advertising, computers, etc.  If you have a special skill, and you are looking for a volunteer job that is personally rewarding and very important to the Dunwoody community, let us know how you can help.  Come by the Friends room at the library or send us an email at:  If this link does not work, please copy and paste it into your email page.