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January 25, 26, 27, & 29
(Closed Sunday, Jan 28)
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President's message to our membership:

  I'm sorry to report that there were just too many rocks in the road to "We Love the Library Day" and the March 24th event has been cancelled.  We hope to reschedule it sometime this summer.

  On a happier note, we can report that because of the generosity of Friends members, book sale shoppers and library patrons, our campaign to raise funds for hurricane recovery for the Jane Stern Dorado Community Library system in Dorado, Puerto Rico yielded $1,400.  These funds were contributed to jars at the checkout tables at the recent book sale and at the circulation desk in the library.  Our (your) donation is unrestricted, to be used for the Dorado library's greatest need.

  From Ron Chervako, Jane Stern Dorado Community Library co-director,

    Wonderful news!!  Please thank all involved and let them know that your donation of $1,400 is very important to us. 
  As required by our by-laws, the nearly $21,000 raised from the book sale will be used exclusively for the benefit of the Dunwoody library. We realize that the Dunwoody Library gives us so much and is a wonderful asset to our community.  This sale and the Dorado campaign show how much our people really love libraries. 

Connie Downing,
President, Friends of the Dunwoody Library
  If you were not at the book sale and have not yet renewed your membership in this library-loving group, please remember to renew with a form found online or with a membership form available at the library

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