The Friends of the Dunwoody Library has announced the dates of their next Book Sale--
Jan 26-Jan 30.

Thousands of hardcover and paperback books to chose from.  Most priced  $2.00 for hardcover books and $1.00 for paperbacks. A donor just gave us his private collection of over 1,300 DVDs of classical and recent movies. Most are priced at $2.00. Stock up on good books to read and movies to watch during the cold winter days. Click here for the hours of the sale.

Cowboy Day at the Dunwoody Library
Cowboy day at the Dunwoody Library was a big success.  Parents turned out with their children to ride ponies, play games, eat cowboy food and listen to a Western band, Back in the Saddle Band.
1st Cowboy, "Wow!  Who are those good-looking cowgirls?"

2nd Cowboy, "I saw them at Cowboy Day at the Dunwoody library."

3rd Cowboy, "Yep!  They were a couple of rootin, tootin, cowgirls at Cowboy Day at the Dunwoody Library."